Statement on the StopG20 Protest

October 9, 2018 SocialistAu 0

1. The G20 is part of the global offensive responsible for wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, sustaining world poverty, undermining labour rights and accelerating climate change. The immense harm their policies inflict on our planet and its people put cosmetic damage to one police truck at the 18 November StopG20 rally in Melbourne in perspective. These criminals – and their media allies – attempt to hide their culpability by creating hysteria about protester violence. Their aim is to discredit all militant protest action and, by extension, the legitimate concerns expressed by demonstrators. Criminalising protest will be an important weapon for […]

Cronulla Anniversary: Media dog-whistling encourages Nazi groups

June 25, 2018 SocialistAu 0

YOU KNOW something is seriously wrong with the world when white supremacists and neo-Nazis claim they are the guardians of women’s rights. But, as we approach the first anniversary of the Cronulla race riot, this is exactly what is occurring. Encouraged by dog-whistling from the media and the Howard government, far right groups are apparently planning to celebrate that shameful day with a “Great Australian Bikini March”. Organisers had planned to march on Brunswick’s Islamic Information and Support Centre this weekend. Officially they have postponed the march to January 26, but white supremacist groups are apparently encouraging the march to […]

Bigots play the race card

April 3, 2018 SocialistAu 0

The Pope, George Pell, John Howard – this racist trio think it’s OK to score political points by attacking Muslims. They are a pack of hypocrites and liars. Pope Benedict XVI claims the Prophet Mohammed brought “evil and inhuman” ideas to the world, spreading his religion “by the sword”. George Pell, the head of the Catholic Church in Australia, defended the Pope’s comments drawing a link between Islam and violence. All the while John Howard lurks in the background, spreading lies about Australian Muslims. He says Muslims refuse to integrate or learn English. He attacks multiculturalism and “political correctness”. We […]

Blowback: Bush Punished Over Iraq

March 12, 2018 SocialistAu 0

IN A result the whole world can celebrate George Bush’s Republican Party has been soundly defeated at the US midterm elections. The Democrats have won control of both the House of Representatives and the Senate, and embattled US defence secretary Donald Rumsfeld has resigned. All up, the Republicans lost 26 seats in the House and six seats in the Senate. The result was, according to Bush’s best friend John Howard, a “technical knockout”. The reason can be summed up in one word: Iraq. A groundswell of opposition to the continuing occupation of Iraq has been building for over a year. Americans used […]