Socialist Parties in Australia

The Socialist Alliance means socialism — a democratic society, directed and directed by individuals who operate and is not the greedy and harmful capitalist elite who now rules. We put people and also the world above profit, millions ahead of billionaires. Our company believes that a culture based on this concept is logical and necessary for the survival of humanity and Earth.

Our group believes that to produce such a society; you have to replace the institutions that safeguard and protect the ruling elite (such as Parliament, government leadership, the police, and the military) with institutions under the Democratic control of ordinary people. Simply put, we need an advanced regulation, produced with the active participation of the majority of people.

Since 2001, the Socialist Alliance participants have been actively involved in the campaign for workers ‘ rights, women’s rights, non-conventional gas mining and the protection of the environment, as well as for justice, for the constitutional rights of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander justice, the persecuted and the schisms, the legal rights of gay, lesbian, trans and also intersex people, for the liberties of the spousal equivalent relationship, and for international solidarity with the oppressed. Participants in the socialist partnership are recognized leaders in many of these proposals.

The Socialist Alliance is made up of individuals who, like millions of others, are tired of being ruled by warmongers, racists, trade unionists and also capitalist policies.

The Socialist Alliance is a registered political celebration and participates in the elections. We chose two local consultants, Sam Wainwright in Fremantle (Western Australia) and Sue Bolton in Moreland (Melbourne, Victoria). The socialist partnership offers opportunities to provide a voice in the Battle of the working class and also meet the demand for political representation of the working class.

Representatives of the socialist partnerships use their positions to initiate and support neighborhood projects, employee matches, and, also, the social activities, to fight against conservative policies, as well as for the promotion of the mass of projects that can defeat the attacks on jobs and living standards. The socialist partnership prospects elected in the political workplace will receive only the salary of an average worker.

In the context of industrialization, young people face single discrimination and a political exception. The Socialist partnership seeks to involve young people and encourage them to lead the battle for socialism.

Resistance: the Socialist Youth Alliance is the youth wing of the Socialist Alliance. Developed by young radicals, it has its direction of choice and provides a space for the new participants of the Socialist Alliance to organize politically, network, inform and do something about it. All participants of the Socialist Alliance aged 26 and below are eligible.

We believe that most people, acting from workplaces, universities, in their areas, and also on the streets, can develop the power to develop a simple and ecological sustainable option for profit-based industrialization.

For more information, contact us at the official office of socialist Australia. To train, to connect with the Socialist Alliance.