Super funds gambling away our future

February 1, 2018 SocialistAu 0

THE MOST insidious aspect of neo-liberalism and economic globalisation is the way our futures are more directly being tied to the fortunes of the market.

In Australia its a process thats been occurring since the Hawke and Keating years and has accelerated under the Liberals, culminating in the latest attacks on Medicare and public education.

Another of our most important …

Anti-war local groups

February 1, 2018 SocialistAu 0

Victorian Peace Network

THE VICTORIAN Peace Network (VPN) has been meeting every week to promote the setting up of local groups and coordinate Melbourne-wide activities.

Delegates from churches, unions and activist groups have been attending with around 30 attending recent meetings.

Regional groups have started up in Wodonga and Geelong and initial steps have been taken to try setting up …

Aid loses out to military spending

January 24, 2018 SocialistAu 0

Aid loses out to military spending

IN 2003 the combined world military budget hit $US956 billion, with the US accounting for 47 per cent, or $US449 billion.

However the US gave only $US17.7 billion in aid in 2003, less than 4 per cent of the US military budget.

George Bush initially promised a $US15 million aid package to tsunami-affected countries. …

Jack Thomas latest victim of terror laws

January 13, 2018 SocialistAu 0

JACK THOMAS, a 31 year old Melbourne father, has become the latest victim of the Howard government’s draconian terror laws.

Thomas has been charged with receiving financial support from al-Qaida, providing al-Qaida with resources or support to help them carry out a terrorist act and having a false passport.

He has been denied bail despite having a job and a …