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Arise ye zombies

December 10, 2004 SocialistAu 0

By Jason Adams AS SHAUN of the Dead begins you know it’s about zombies. “A romantic comedy. With zombies” to be exact. What you don’t know is, who’s alive and who’s dead. Our protagonist Shaun is wedged into a comfortably numb routine of retail work and nights at the local. He staggers and groans through the day, dimly becoming aware of the personal and societal crashes just ahead. The zombie movie tradition contains radical critiques of modern capitalism. They often contain explicit concerns about enslavement, human-made apocalypse, genetic experimentation and war-the evil super corporation illegally experimenting on humans and building […]

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What causes wars

July 18, 2003 SocialistAu 0

THE INVASION of Iraq is only the latest in a line of “interventions” by the United States. Before Iraq were the wars in Afghanistan and the Balkans. And before those many can remember Somalia and the 1991 Gulf War. While America was waging these wars, there were also numerous other bloody conflicts raging around the world-in Algeria, Angola, Congo, Somalia, Rwanda, Chechnya, Azerbaijan and many other places. Indeed, when one looks back over the 20th century the world appears to have been more or less continuously at war. The picture is dominated by the First and Second World Wars, which […]